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Eurofar International B.V. is proud to use its own method ‘RDOTS' (Research, Design, Ontwikkeling (=Development), Testen (Testing), Show (Showing)). In short, this contains the following development process:


Before any product development, an extensive market research will be conducted. Key points in this stage are: At which market and at which market segment will the product be placed?

At which market and at which market segment will the product be placed?

What do consumers need?

What are the current and possible future trends?

Which possibilities exist for processing current and / or future trends to an existing product?

Which innovations* are in-house developed in the past few months and which could be successful processed to a new product? * For example, product innovation is used for cushions, made of ‘dry foam’. This material contains the unique characteristic of drying extremely quick, which means that this material is appropriate for outdoor use. Moreover, ‘dry foam’ contains a anti-microbial protection, so even after a heavy rain, any molds or fungus will not have a chance. It has never been so easy to keep garden furniture outdoor around the year.


Eurofar International B.V. has its own department concerned with design. In this department, specifically educated personnel apply the latest trends on the products on a daily basis. Eurofar International B.V. produces several product categories, with each an specific style. Early at this stage of development, it is possible get in touch with the customer, in case a significant different demand of products exists. This creates opportunities for individual -client specific- production.

Ontwikkeling (Development)
When the desired design is developed and different sketches and drawings are created, it is time to find or develop the matching materials. The chosen materials have to comply to a lot of requirements, ranging from safety standards to durability. After the development process, the concept will be send to our fabric, where sample production can be started. An example of a frequently used material and recently developed material is Wicker (Synthetic woven material). The past few years, there has been put a lot of effort into the successful development of this material. It has to be strong to last for several seasons without breaking. At the same time, it must be flexible enough to be woven easily. Moreover, this material must be able to bear the effects of long lasting exposure to the sun. The result of this development can be found at our material U-vax©. This durable material is colorfast, waterproof, UV-resistant and weatherproof. Other important materials we use are textilene, aluminum and different kinds of wood, like for instance teak and pine. Eurofar International B.V. is allowed to use the green FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) (C117418) logo, which guarantees that products are produced in a responsible, environmental friendly way.


After the production of the sample is finished, time has come to move into the next step: testing. The extensive testing procedure is carried out by our Quality Control Team. The sample has to pass several tests, ranging from bearing UV light and other sun effects, several weather effects, and a test to try the maximum weight, which is specific for each different product. After these tests, a widespread guarantee is linked to all of our products, which assures a product will remain free of major defects, for several years and during all seasons. This test facility can warrant the high quality, which Eurofar International B.V. aims at.


When all tests are passed in a satisfying manner, the sample will be shown in one of our showrooms in the Netherlands or Vietnam. In this showrooms, customers are able to see and experience the new product. From this moment on, factories are prepared to the upcoming production.


Knowledge Institutes Thanks to an intensive cooperation between Tilburg University and Eurofar International B.V., scientific knowledge and practical business skills can be combined. Eurofar International B.V. is a dynamic company where a relatively high part of the personnel has a scientific education. The backgrounds of the employees are different. It varies from (business) economic and logistics management studies to design technical studies. Eurofar International B.V. is convinced that the presence and efforts of well educated employees, possible efficiency and innovation.