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With a solid network of clients all over the world, our vision is to become a primary manufacturer of quality furniture and accessories, satisfying our customers' needs all over the world, business to business. To support this vision, we attach value to the following stated principles:

• Client approach.
Eurofar believes that personal communication with its clients provides the core of a durable and satisfying business relationship. For example, clients have the possibility to receive a factory audit on location at Vietnam or Indonesia. This way, clients are able to take a look indoors, to see for their own everything is produced according to all binding environmental- and safety regulations. But we also provide the opportunity to visit Eurofar's worldwide showrooms. Because we believe experiencing our products is the best way to become convinced about its quality and design!

• Qualitative and competitive products
Our products have to meet a lot of safety standards and quality issues, before any of these are admitted to Eurofar's catalogue. We have developed a few standards to make sure every product reaches its expectations:
  o Before any product is produced in series, a thorough sampling procedure is followed. Samples are tested for weather effects and other quality issues, but safety aspects are reviewed carefully also.
  o On a weekly basis, samples of new production series are flown to our main office. Together with the factory testing report, samples are double checked and investigated if further improvements are necessary. Our designers are able to check for themselves if every aspect matched their original drawing. If everything is ok, production will be started.
  o Finally, our own Quality Control Team (QC Team) guard our principles and standards, during production. They report directly to our head office in Holland. E.g., this team is responsible for checking produced series, and container loadings. Eurofar understands the importance of putting products on the market in a competitive way, especially if the current economic circumstances are taken into account. Our sales office is always prepared to offer a fair priced quote.

• Service level and flexibility
We are able to provide services in every aspect of the purchasing path, ranging from providing advice to choose the right products for upcoming season, to shipping the products, to any port of the world, including processing all the necessary documents. Eurofar distinguishes itself at the market as an exceptional flexible company. Clients are often able, depending on the size of the order, to create and order mixed containers with different items. Items itself can also be customized, for example the packaging. In the past 20 years, Eurofar has built a lot of experience with production planning and logistics, to reach an outstanding delivery accuracy.
• Environment Eurofar wants to protect the environment, especially to the benefit of future generations. For many years, clients are able to order environmental friendly products, provided with the FSC® (C117418)  –certified wood logo. Eurofar continues to step ahead and take its responsibilities, for example by experiencing with new, easier to fabricate materials.