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Eurofar International B.V. was founded in the late 80's of last century as importer of wooden garden furniture from Asia.

In the beginning of the 90's Eurofar International B.V. opened her first production lines in Indonesia; in that time focused on semi-machine production. Some years later a newfull-machine made production line had been opened, being able to produce high quality garden furniture in line.
Year by year our Indonesia operations expanded and nowadays we have many machine made production facilities with a capacity of over 60 containers / month. Completed with our trading activities in Indonesia we belong to the main exporters. To meet the high Clean & safety rules Eurofar International B.V. has its own Clean & Safety department.

When Vietnam opened its borders in 1993, Eurofar International B.V. was one of the very first companies setting up production in Vietnam. In 2000 our production extended with the opening of the most modern furniture factory of Vietnam. With a 2000 m2 showroom we are able to show our customers the complete range of garden furniture and garden accessories. We created the combination of traditional wood with the modern appearance of aluminium. Besides our own Eurofar-collection, we are able to produce any furniture line on demand of our customers.

Factories working for Eurofar International are all trained to meet the high Clean & Safety rules Eurofar International applies to all their suppliers. Our Clean & Safety Manager inspects all factories weekly as well our Q.A. team is very alert in all factories on a safe & healthy environment for all workers.